Logical Contracts Server

LPS  (Logic-based Production System) is a general-purpose computer language, developed at Imperial College London. It combines
logic programming rules with reactive rules and constraints.

LPS is based on several decades of research into computational models of human thinking, and into logical models of legal reasoning.

The implementation at Imperial College in the 1980s of a large portion of the British Nationality Act showed that logic programming is a powerful and natural approach for representing abstract legal concepts in terms of more concrete concepts and facts.

The reactive rule and constraint components add to LPS the ability to naturally represent legal obligations, prohibitions and remedies for violations.

The Logical Contracts Server extends LPS with:

Semantic rule editor
Explanation of contract actions
Accessible via Ethereum calls or web services
Preliminary Logical English syntax

Proof of concept video – rock, paper, scissors blockchain “gambling house”:

Try it at http://demo.logicalcontracts.com

Preliminary developer documentation here.

See our short presentation to RuleML Webinar.

The system is available now for use in custom pilot projects. First public release Q2, 2018. The core engine will be available as open source.

For more information please contact licensing@logicalcontracts.com